Hello! Welcome to my "Man On A Mission" website.


I am a man of a thousand nicknames. The nickname PrestoMagic first showed up in the early 80's when I was bartending and again in the late 80's when I was using the first photo editing and retouching software for a Macintosh, Digital Darkroom, PhotoShop's predecessor. I turned the nickname into my brand and my AKA.

Other nicknames include: STP, The Continental Kid, Prestone AntiFreeze, Prestonian, The Gazel, El Tigre Blanco, Presto Chango, PrestoJetso, Presto Burger and many more.  Out of all the labels that try to define me, PrestoMagic comes the closest.


Dear Human Resource Director,

Dear Human Resource Director, My search for a challenging and rewarding position has led me to your organization. I have attached my resume for your review in the belief that you will find me a promising candidate for employment.

My objective is to secure a full-time position with an established organization for a long term professional relationship, but would also consider part-time and contract freelance opportunities.

In addition to a diverse skill set and years of work experience, I offer genuine enthusiasm and dedication. It is my belief that these qualities and abilities assure that I will be a valuable addition to your organization. An opportunity to meet with you in person to discuss your company’s objectives and my proven abilities to fulfill them would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely, Preston H. Clark

The Lables of Work

The job titles I have held include: Production Director, Systems Administrator, Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Large Format Output Technician, Production Artist, DV Videographer, 3D Animator, WebMaster, Interactive Designer, Prepress Manager, Software Trainer, Executive Art Director, Systems Consultant, Mock up & Prop Craftsman, Sign Tech., Traditional Illustrator, Calligraphy Artist, Sculptor, & Paste Up Artist, Licensed Realtor (currently inactive), Pharmaceutical Shipping & Receiving Supervisor, Hot Shot Driver, High Lift Operator, Exotic Food Merchandiser, Retail Sales, Aviation Sheet Metal Mechanic, Telemarketing, Gourmet Waiter, Wine Sommelier, Bar Manager, Bartender, Cook, Expediter, Waiter, Busboy, Dishwasher, Door to Door Sales, & Paperboy.


I graduated from Alamo Heights with a High School Diploma, 1977.5 I remember my Freshman year I was in developmental classes, labeled a slow learner. By the time I was a Junior I was making Honor Role Honorable Mention.

Academy of Real Estate, Inc. Grade average 97.7, State lic. 1982. In 1985 I had to leave Texas and everything behind including my RE Lic. which is currently inactive.

Self-taught Spanish - I landed on an island where Spanish was the primary language, in which I Self-taught myself conversational Spanish. I learned by listening to latin music, reading the spanish newspaper and watching Novellas.

Self-taught Graphic Design - I was given an opportunity to do freelance graphic design, without any formal training. I took my raw talent and read every book on graphic design I could find.

Self-taught Desktop Publishing - I created an opportunity to work as a graphic designer, without ever having used a computer. I made the extra effort and read every software manual. Within 3 months I was giving training at the largest Advertising Agencies in the Caribbean. I continued this path to expand on a solid base of design for print into signs, video, animation and web design.

Words of Recommendations

  • Doug: He learned fast and also came up with many ideas I still benefit from.
  • Frank: We found his work above average and never missed a day of work.
  • Richard: Preston is a constant source of good, new, helpful hints …
  • Sidney: He is a polite, conscientous … eagar to learn and fulfill his duties.
  • Dennis: I think he will make a fine addition to any staff.